Wills & Probate


Having a Will is vital for ensuring that your property and affairs will be dealt with according to your wishes after you are gone. A properly executed Will ensures that your loved ones are provided for and avoids additional, unnecessary expenses and difficulties which can arise if you do not have a Will.

We provide a confidential and professional Wills service to our clients and also store Wills in our fire-proof safe free of charge.

Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one is always difficult, our aim is to ensure that the legal process of dealing with one’s estate does not add further distress on the family.

We provide a specialist Probate service which includes the following:

  • Extracting Grants of Probate and Administration

  • Gathering the Estate (writing to all banks, credits unions and other financial institutions)

  • Obtaining clearance from Revenue and the Department of Social Protection

  • Filing of CAT returns with Revenue

  • Transfer of Property to the beneficiaries

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (sometimes called a living will) allows you to nominate trusted persons who will manage your legal, financial and medical affairs in the event of you becoming mentally incapable of looking after matters for yourself.

We provide a full service where we prepare, execute and register the Enduring Power of Attorney document.

Dr Ciara Kelly from the Independent recently published an article about the importance of having a Power of Attorney before “…you can’t nominate someone to manage your financial affairs…” simply because you’ve “…lost the capacity to understand what that means.”

Setting up a Power of Attorney “…allows you to give someone you trust, the ability to manage your financial affairs for you, allows them to lodge or withdraw cash, to pay bills and to transfer money between accounts.” Read the full article here.

HSE Nursing Home Support (“Fair Deal”) Scheme:

We offer assistance and information to families applying for the HSE fair deal scheme.

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